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Before Your Visit

Patient Forms

We all know that forms and paperwork are an unfortunate part of today's healthcare environment but at West Dermatology Palm Springs we do everything we can to make our paperwork as simple and short as possible. In fact, you can even complete it in the comfort of your own home before your visit.

Four days before your appointment we will text you a link to complete your paperwork in advance. This simple format typically takes 5-10 minutes on your smart phone and includes your demographic information, brief clinical history and even a picture of your insurance card. We will still need to ask a few more questions when you arrive in person but this will take care of the majority of your paperwork.

If you prefer paper, you can download all our pre visit paperwork here. Please download and complete the forms and bring them to your visit. In either case, we can significantly reduce your total paperwork time in most cases.

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Getting Here
West Dermatology Palm Springs is located along South Farrell Drive near Ramon Road. We are situated across the street from Palm Springs high school in a collection of three brown medical buildings. Our suite is located in the building closest to AAA insurance.

Parking Information
Ample parking is available for our patients. We suggest parking along the far right of the building to ensure easy access to our suite.

Additional Information
If required, an elevator and ramp can both be found in the middle building. 
Palm Springs
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Before Your Visit

What To Expect

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Before Your Visit

How To Prepare

Providing you with a comfortable, efficient and complete dermatology exam is very important to you and to us. You can help us help you address your skin care concerns and achieve your skin care goals by doing a few simple things before your visit:

  • Conduct a self exam to identify any moles that concern you or have recently changed.
  • Write down several questions to ask your dermatologist or allergist.
  • Complete your paperwork in advance online. If you cannot complete it online, please arrive 15 - 30 minutes early to complete paperwork.

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