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About the PicoWay Laser

What is It?

The PicoWay system is not only known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities but also as an effective, non-invasive anti-aging device that can give skin a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. We are also excited to have the The PicoWay Resolve system which uses a gentle approach to building new collagen and elastin in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles. In about a 15- to 20-minute treatment sessions, the PicoWay Resolve system can transforms skin while leaving the epidermis intact. 

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About PicoWay Laser and Its uses:

What to Expect.

The PicoWay laser uses ultra-short picosecond pulses to the skin. The resulting bursts of energy create a photo-mechanical impact which helps break up skin pigments or particles of tattoo ink. It works by utilizing two different laser handpieces that split the main laser beam into small, identical beams that can effectively target textural irregularities, skin pigmentation, and various complexion concerns.


For tattoo removal, PicoWay has three wavelengths which can be used to treat more colors than most lasers. It has large spot sizes which can penetrate deep into the skin as needed. The picosecond pulses are 40% shorter than other picosecond lasers, making PicoWay extremely effective while minimizing downtime and side effects.


As a skin rejuvenation treatment, PicoWay works by targeting both the epidermis and the dermis (deeper layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermis). It creates tiny open spaces deep within your skin which your body will fill up with elastin and collagen, resulting in improved skin tone, clarity, and texture –transforming your skin from the inside out. It also helps to even out irregular pigmentation and improve skin texture and tone.
And since PicoWay uses photo-acoustic instead of a photo-thermal effect, this means the skin will not overheat, making the treatment more comfortable than traditional lasers.  After the treatment, you’ll already notice an overall improvement in your complexion. You can resume your normal activities and even apply makeup over your treated skin within a single day of treatment.
We make it a point to make our treatments as accessible to everyone as possible. PicoWay allows for the treatment of a variety of skin types, making it ideal for people of color who wish to have tattoos or skin lesions treated. To learn more about laser tattoo removal, visit ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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What conditions are treated with PicoWay Lasers?

Common Skin Irregularities

PicoWay targets these skin irregularities and conditions:

Acne scars
Fine lines
Dark spots
Pigmented lesions
Sun damage
Stretch marks

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