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September 27, 2021

9 Tips to Transition Skincare from Summer to Fall

With every changing season comes transition. Not only is it time to bring out the fall wardrobe, but it’s also time to change up your skincare too!  Here are our favorite tips for transitioning your skin care to Fall.  

Don't Let Your Sunscreen "Fall" By The Wayside 
You need to protect your skin from the sun if you're outside enjoying the Fall weather. But did you know your skin needs protection indoors, too? The Fall sun can come in through windows at a sharp angle and cause some skin damage. Plus, indoors, your skin needs protection from the blue light your computer and phone emit.   

Put Away Light Lotions 
Say goodbye to the summer's lightweight, oil-free moisturizers. This season calls for thicker creams instead. We recommend you nourish your skin with SkinCeuticals Emollience Facial Moisturizer  

Add Humidity 
Fall brings dryer weather—and dryer skin—then summer. So, run a humidifier in your bedroom as you sleep at night. You'll wake up with hydrated skin. 
Add Lip Balm 
Keep your lips moist this Fall with a lip balm. And remember to look for one with SPF. Lips need protection from the sun because most face cancers happen on the lips. This sensitive skin is susceptible to sun damage, just like the rest of your face.  
Use A Tinted Mineral Sunscreen 
Mineral sunscreen tends to be thicker and creamier than chemical sunscreen. That's what makes it a good pick for the Fall. And remember that it needs to be reapplied every few hours because it loses its SPF power as the day wears on. A good option is to also add face powder with SPF.  
Prepare For Events  
Fall is the holiday party season. You have Halloween first and then Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. We know you want to look your best at all the holiday soirées. Now's the time to refresh your Botox—and injections, too.  
Add Back Retinoid  
You can ramp up your usage again during the shady days of Fall and winter. Summer was the time to relax your retinoid use. It (and alpha and beta hydroxy acids) made your skin extra sensitive to the sun. But less sunshine means more retinoid use is okay. 
Partner With an Aesthetician 
The sun inevitably broke down some of your precious collagen and elastin this summer. Even the most dutiful sunscreen user still sustained some sun damage. A dermatology procedure like micro-needling will help restore your glow.  
Work With A Dermatologist 
Schedule an annual skin check with your dermatologist. They'll assess the damage summer caused and plan to reverse it. Lasers and lights can do wonders to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, they can brighten your skin tone and get rid of age spots and melasma.  
Fall has its own set of skin care rules that include adding back nourishing moisturizers, resuming retinol use, continuing with sunscreen, and scheduling a facial procedure. Our board-certified dermatologists are excited to help you on your journey to healthy, glowing skin. Reach out to us today to book a consultation or annual skin check-up.