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August 29, 2019

How To Cure Dry Summer Skin 💧

It can be more than frustrating to realize that dry skin is not just an issue during the colder months. Unfortunately, the summer not only brings sunshine, warm weather, and outdoor sports, but also sneaky triggers to our dry skin that most people are unaware of.
Desert Igloos: Air Conditioned Homes
Ah, the rejuvenating feeling of walking into a what feels like a freezing cold room after being outside in the heat. We love the air conditioning, too. Sadly, this sweet blessing of an invention can not only dry out your skin, but can also cause irritated eyes and headaches. Especially for those who live in hot desert climates, spending 40+ hours weekly in an air conditioned office only to go home to an air conditioned home can wreak havoc on dry skin.
Our tip? Use a humidifier! Humidifiers are an amazing way to relieve dry skin caused by air conditioning by adding moisture, or humidity, to your home and/or office space.
Over Doing Your Skin Care: Too Much of a Good Thing Can End in Bad Results
Foaming cleansers, toner astringents, and exfoliation. Too much of these skin treatments can end with bad results. You might be feeling a sense of doubt when we say that your skin care could be the cause of your dry skin. Summer heat usually equals oily skin. While this is true, you might be overdoing your skin care past the point of oil control.
Our tip? Be gentle on your skin. Use an oil-cleansing, yet non-drying face cleanser, and make sure to add light layers of moisture, even if you are oily. Our recommendation is a hyaluronic acid serum topped with an SPF 30+ sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizing face cream at night. 
The Best Parts of Our Week: Swimming Pools & Hot Showers
Okay. Don't hate us for saying this, but your beloved swimming pool dips and glorious hot showers may be good for the soul, but are pretty terrible for your skin. Swimming pools contain loads of chemicals and the wretched chlorine that can do a number on dry, summer skin. Following your dip with a hot shower only causes more damage as hot water strips the skin of natural oils.
Our tip? Take a cool shower following a day in the pool using a gentle body wash to rid your skin of drying chlorine chemicals. Following your shower, rub a thick and moisturizing cream into your damp skin for the soothing relief of moisturized skin.
If your skin has become painful, irritated, or you think it needs attention by a professional, we are here to help. Schedule your appointment today!
Yours in good health,
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