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April 8, 2020

3 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Skin While Self-Isolating!

We know that these times have been a huge change for most of us. With many people working from home for the unforeseeable future, we recommend (for the first time ever) spending more time outdoors. But hear us out. Spending time in your front yard, backyard, or patio for fresh air can create a feeling of freedom when you begin to feel uncomfortably confined.

However, these times may make you question your need for sun protection (sorry, but you can’t get out of putting on that SPF with us!). Listed below are three busted myths that explain why you should still be taking care of your skin while self-isolating.

Myth #1: Windows block UV rays.

While you shouldn’t forget to wear your hats and sunscreen when outside, you also should protect your skin with clothing or SPF when you are working near a window or driving in your car. This is because glass is great at blocking UVB rays that cause sunburns, but does not block out UVA rays, or the UV rays that cause skin aging, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Myth #2: SPF prevents Vitamin D absorption

With most people staying indoors due to current circumstances, we understand the panic of not getting enough Vitamin D. Many people believe that sunscreen and sunblocks will prevent their body from absorbing Vitamin D, but this is untrue. Even when wearing SPF, small amounts of the sun’s rays penetrate the skin and allow for adequate Vitamin D absorption. (So don’t skip that sunscreen!)

Myth #3: Clouds are like nature’s sunscreen. 

While clouds shield our skin from intense sun rays, this is not a reason to not wear sunscreen. This is because up to 80% of the sun’s rays pass through clouds according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. 

So whether you are driving to the store, doing some home workouts in your backyard, or working by your window, we recommend using an SPF 50 sunscreen and/or UPF sun-shielding clothing to protect your gorgeous skin.

If you are struggling with skin related concerns, call your local clinic today so we can answer any questions you may have or schedule a Telehealth appointment for you. 

Yours in good health and happiness,
Your West Dermatology Team