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Histology Technician IHC Specialist

Job Description

Primary Purpose:
To assist in routine and other non-standard staining tests used in diagnosis and treatment of disease, under general supervision by the Lab Supervisor, functions as a technologist in the Immunohistochemisty Laboratory, performs a wide variety of immunoperoxidase staining procedures, in-situ hybridization staining, histochemical stains, daily QC review with a Pathologist, and other related duties. Incumbent must be able to flex work hours as needed to meet Department operational needs. Requires high-level organizational and multi-tasking skills to complete staining utilizing multiple different methodologies for a variety of antibody and special stains. Classification based on education and related experience in an immunopathology or histology laboratory.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  • To log required and regulated temperatures, reagents, and instrument maintenance of all equipments as required by CLIA / CAP and other regulating agencies on the equipments’ log with dates and initials.
  • To embed at least more than 10% of the total blocks accurately as instructed by the policies and procedures.
  • To cut at least more than 10% of the total routine blocks accurately as instructed by the policies and procedures.
  • To perform special staining and IHC (Immunohistochemistry) procedures as instructed by the reagents/equipments manufacturer’s and laboratory policies and procedures.
  • Organizes daily workload by stain request (i.e. IHC, Special stains, and recuts of slides).
  • Prepares slides for routine, special and immunohistochemical staining.
  • Prepares all necessary Antibodies, detection kits, enzyme / digestion reagents, and appropriate controls prior to starting the IHC autostainer.
  • To prepare patient slides and blocks for Quality Control.
  • To perform evaluation of all control slides and maintain Quality Control log.
  • To complete procedures within strict deadlines.
  • To deliver slides for microscopic examination.
  • Troubleshoots test results immediately with lab supervisor, or independently.
  • To assist in maintaining master antibody list.
  • To complete validations as instructed by the laboratory policy and procedure manual.
  • To write and revise laboratory policy and procedure manual as needed.
  • To assist laboratory supervisor with projects and performs other duties as assigned.
  • To receive, and log specimens on the laboratory computer program system for gross examination.
  • To perform gross examination of specimens as instructed by the policies and procedure manual.
  • To diligently follow all lab procedures in the preparation of tissue samples for pathological testing.
  • To prepare slide preps specimens for microscopic within the same day of receipt.
  • To be aware of and strictly comply with all OSHA (safety) and CLIA (lab certification and registration) and HIPAA (patient confidentiality) regulations in the performance of all aspects of the position.
  • To efficiently organize, file and be able to locate all specimen blocks, containers and log reports and dispose them as necessary per CLIA regulations.
  • To appropriately maintain all solutions and stains used in the pathological testing process according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • To operate, clean and sterilize laboratory equipment, glassware and instruments, ensuring a clean work area at all times.
  • To courteously, professionally and in a timely manner, respond to routine laboratory inquiries both internal and external, whether in writing, in person or over the phone.
  • To maintain an adequate supply of all items necessary for laboratory operations by maintaining an accurate and timely inventory and ordering supplies bi-weekly.
  • To continually update the laboratory manuals by staying abreast of new product/chemical and other new laboratory information and ensuring all updates are made in the manual and communicated appropriately.
  • To participate in continuing education through required meeting attendance, including in-service meetings and educational programs.
  • To participate in cross-training for other employees as requested by supervisor.
  • To provide feedback to supervisors regarding laboratory policies and procedures to ensure continual improvement of processes.
  • To contribute to a fair and positive work environment by treating patients, peers, superiors, subordinates, vendors and all others with professionalism and respect.
  • To perform other duties as assigned.

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